About our company


Mohammed Bin Ali bin Othman Trading Co. is a commercial establishment. Its offices are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , It deals specific mainly with medical & Dental equipments and supplies for clinics and Laboratories.

In this regard M.B.A obtained exclusive commercial agencies and representations of many local & international  companies .

We strive to provide health care institutions and professionals with a remarkable breakthrough medical-technology products & supplies, and on top, excellent services

Our team is well qualified , has an adequate expertise , diversified professions , economic, medical and technical …

One of the M.B.A company's goal is to secure the biggest spread with low edge of win achieve the following equation :

Good quality, Special service, and Competitive price

Mohammed Bin Ali Bin Othman Trading Co.

 (M .B.A Trading Co.)

Bahaa Barakat

Executive Manager 



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